Hugey Studios makes mobile apps, games, art, music, and all things necessary to solve software fixable problems. Thank's for supporting our apps and services with your feedback and continued use!

This venture was started from years of, mostly, working and programming. When I see a fun problem easily solved by software, sometimes I just make it. I've learned a great deal from online and in person discusions with some excellent developers in many communities. Working with various other industry experts has exposed me to unique places, experiences, people, and challenges. These experiences have allowed Hugey Studios to grow organically into a mobile, web, game, data, and freelance venture.


Hugey Studios would love to hear your feedback; any comments are welcome! I'll do my best to respond ASAP to any, questions, bugs, feature requests, comments, and those sorts of things in that order.

Please direct inquiries to: hugeystudios@gmail.com

PO Box 164134
850 Twin Rivers Drive
Columbus, OH 43216