Play along with the Jeopardy! Champions
J! Tools is the fastest and easiest way for you, family, and friends, to play along with the famous quiz competition show, Jeopardy! This app helps you quickly track player scores and game results regardless of whether you are playing along with the show or running your own Jeopardy! tournament. You can play any way you want: add, subtract, wager, or just tally; you choose what works for you! App Features: * Quickly score any number of players' single, double, and final Jeopardy answers. * View history of all games played. Allows you to continue and delete previous games. * Easily undo accidental scores. * A spot to record that pesky final Jeopardy category that you may or may not forget during the commercial break. * Does NOT require you to login, confirm email, or cough up any personal information, ever. Made with Flutter!